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    Financial solutions for owners and operators of small businesses

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    With Nexxo you have access to financial tools that will help build your business.

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Banks and traditional financial institutions are focusing on servicing large and midsize companies.


Owners and Operators of small businesses are generally underbanked and underserved.


Access to many different financial solutions, effectively integrated into your daily routine of building your business.


Reaching the target audience via Partners who are embedded within the various communities of small business owners and operators

Owners and Operators

The back bone in any economy. The segment where jobs are created and lives are built.

Profit and Growth

Every morning when a small entrepreneur wakes up, he or she will focus on profit and growth.

Products and solutions

All products and solutions are easy, simple and fast to use, delivering results now. All in multiple languages and all on your mobile.

Solutions that will drive your Growth


POS solution helps you grow your sales and links revenues from your e-commerce or e-billing solution all under one single merchant interface.


Going online is imperative for every business. With the Nexxo payments gateway, get your products and services out there for millions of customers to see, and grow your business.


The Nexxo e-billing solution is feature rich and gives your business a lot of room for growth, such as easy integration with a secure payment gateway, recurring billing, and mobile SDKs

Payroll Card

Powered by MasterCard, the Nexxo Card has it’s own IBAN number is empowers cardholders to receive their payments straight to their cards and be used at ATMs. in-store, online and beyond.

Payroll Solution

The smartest way of keeping track of all employees, and stay compliant with all government labor laws and regulations

Pay My Supplier

Solutions to pay your suppliers swiftly without cash.

Wanna Talk To Us?

Please feel free to contact us. We’re super happy to talk to you. Feel free to ask anything.

Become a Nexxo Partner


No one knows the needs and demands of owners and operators of small business, then the people who are already serving them. Nexxo provides a unique Partnership Program for small business owners to sell and distribute financial services to their already established customer base.


Any business owner with a well-established network inside communities where small businesses operate, and who want to invest time and effort into selling financial productivity tools should apply.


Easy, Simple, Fast to enroll!, Contact Nexxo Partnership Managment team, Sign an agreement in aligning with local gov. rules and regulation, Get Partnership Kit to kickstart your new business


The Partnership Program has an attractive and generous commission and reward structure that in many cases have been life changing for Partners who have joined.

Did you know that

We are trusted by more than 8,300 Customers

We are an ambitious and committed group of talented technologists, financial experts and payments professionals, who are changing the way owners and operators of small businesses are served in the world. We offer the most innovative financial technology solutions, from payroll to e-commerce, POS and beyond. All designed specifically for this audience.

Improving the experience of running your show

We are in the business of helping small businesses grow. Our journey has just begun, and we already have thousands of happy Customers, and numerous trusted Partners who are helping introduce new and better ways of driving profit and growth.

Nexxo is quickly becoming the preferred choice for owners and operators of small businesses.

  • Products and services beyond expectations
  • Easy to learn and easy to use, producing immediate impact
  • All on mobile, in your language
  • 24/7 customer success support making sure you can focus on running your business

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